TAP FAITH seeks to organize utilizing a system of volunteer partners dedicated to the mission statement, core values, statement of faith and guiding principals found in the TAP FAITH experience. Partners are the TAP FAITH team and as such prefer to work within gatherings, where TAP FAITH implements resolutions, projects and principals which are the foundation of TAP FAITH. The TAP FAITH experience works   because we work and pray together, asking God to bless our efforts and guide our actions.  TAP FAITH PARTNERS are considered TRUSTEE's.  We invite any interested persons to join us in this important work, understanding that time commitment varies according to seasons, the amount of resources available and time availability. We are volunteers, working together to do God's will in assisting the less fortunate. While we are a Christian based partnership, it is incumbent on us to note that all are welcome. All members of any faith, or no faith at all are welcomed as partners. We do not stand in the judgment of those who have different belief structures. To do so would be hypocritical and will not serve our communities. 



Alan Behr-Trustee Board * Henry Gramada - Trustee Board * Jim Martin - Trustee Board * Gene Louis - Trustee Chair * Rev. Perrin Hayes-Trustee Vanessa Thomas Esq.-Trustee  Madhu Prattipati M.D.- Trustee  *   John Slagowski P.I. - Trustee