What we believe to be the Two most Important  Books on Earth are found below along with Tap Faith Ministry documents on important subjects.

Each should be read over and over again to fully comprehend the lessons contained within them.
  • The Bible is the word of God. Within its text you will find everything necessary to save your immortal soul. To live your life according to God's will. To find peace within yourself and to learn how to love God, yourself and your fellow man.
  • The second is less important but powerful. Written by Napolean Hill after 20 years of interviews with the most successful business people on Earth at the time of its creation. Within its text you will find how to succeed in the secular world. How to train yourself for personal and business success. How to use the gifts God gave you to achieve your maximum potential in a difficult and often uncaring world. Like the Bible the knowledge contained within it is timeless.
  • The documents found below, are of particular interest to Tap Faith. Our goal to reduce homelessness is close to each of our hearts. Excellent leadership is the key to achieving our goals.
  • Check out our Transitional Housing Design below. God willing, together, we can make it a reality.
NIV-Bible-PDF.pdf NIV-Bible-PDF.pdf
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Size : 116.5 Kb
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The Micro Home Project.pdf The Micro Home Project.pdf
Size : 1078.832 Kb
Type : pdf
Homelessness 101 web2.doc Homelessness 101 web2.doc
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Type : doc
Tap Faith Resourse Booklet.pdf Tap Faith Resourse Booklet.pdf
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Type : pdf
TAPFAITH manual of documents 2016.doc TAPFAITH manual of documents 2016.doc
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Think and Grow Rich.pdf Think and Grow Rich.pdf
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Homeless action plan2.doc Homeless action plan2.doc
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Tap Faith Life Skills Course 6.pdf Tap Faith Life Skills Course 6.pdf
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VIDA HABILIDADES (Life Skills).pdf VIDA HABILIDADES (Life Skills).pdf
Size : 819.012 Kb
Type : pdf
The Price of Freedom.pdf The Price of Freedom.pdf
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